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Bill O’Reilly Can Support + Attack Homosexuals In the Same Sentence

Whether you buy Brian Moylan’s argument that it’s foolish for The Gay Agenda to try convincing everyone that popular historical figures (Jesus, Lincoln, G.I. Joe) were ays or have jumped aboard Elton John’s newly stated theory that Jesus Christ Our Lord & Savior was, in fact, into dudes, you have to give it up for Bill O’Reilly, who snuck in a “let’s all have compassion for those gays” line while scoring a dig at the piano playing leader of the Merry Band of Homosexuals.

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  • Joseph

    It could be argued that there is just as much evidence proving he was straight….meaning none!

  • Lukas P.

    Who’s to say that any fictional historical figure was, as Queerty spells it, “ay” or not “ay?”

    I do know this, that the Jesus from the Bible was NOT reported as encouraging that his followers kill their children, unlike certain Third World leaders!

    That’s not a slam against Bill O’Reilly, per se, because his ideology seems to consist of spewing hatred and seeing which remarks will garner the most ratings and publicity. There’s no logical consistency to his rants or raves otherwise.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    I wonder how many of his own FOX cohorts has be ever called a “pinhead”? Hannity maybe? Beck? I can’t think of pointier heads than those two …..

  • bystander

    Elton John saying Jesus was gay is ridiculous assertion. The most accurate description from the bible would be that he was asexual. But that’s assuming that anything from the bible has any kind of authority or accuracy. Why are we debating the sexual orientation of fictional characters??

  • Jon

    I agree with Bill here. The Bible really says that Jesus loves everyone as himself. I think the son of God should be labeled as gay or str8. That is just silly.

  • Devon

    There’s just as much evidence that Jesus was gay as there is that Jesus was a zombie.

    But these people have no problem blindly believing the latter…

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 6 · Devon

    LMAO!! Zombie Jesus. I luv it!! Somebody call George Romero and pitch the idea. A biblical zombie flick is bound to be a hit!!! Wasn’t Lazarus a zombie, too?

  • schlukitz

    O’Shrilly speaks again.

  • Rowen

    @Devon: That’s assuming he even existed at all.

  • David

    Zombie Jesus?!

    Hilarious. I’ve NEVER heard that one before.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Flesh is the lesser of the two forms of existence. Once this is thoroughly understood, the mystery of Jesus begins to diminish.

  • Josh AZ

    Bill O’Reilly is a stupid old man, Elton John is not.

  • 4Real

    Bill O’ Reilly AND Elton John are both pinheads.
    They have both taken a stand against full marriage equality (We all know what Bill O’ Reilly thinks about this matter; Elton John favors gay-only civil unions like the civil partnership scheme that became law in his country) and they’re both continuing to say really silly things every single day.
    Why cant’ they just shut up!

  • libhomo

    When Falafel Man calls anyone else a “pinhead,” it’s comedy gold.

    It really is silly that people actually care what a long dead cult leader did in bed.

  • Kieran

    Elton John is entitled to his opinion. Some people will agree with him, others disagree. But those who believe it “insulting” or “offensive” to suggest that Jesus may have been gay are only displaying their homophobic mindset for all to see.

  • schlukitz

    No. 15 · Kieran


    I mean, it isn’t like we are saying it like it is a bad thing. LOL

  • terrwill

    @Jon: The Bible really says that Jesus loves everyone as himself. If you extend that reasoing, I love myself and I am way Gay, so doesn’t that mean that Jesus was Gay???? : P

    The interesting thing about this whole brouhahah is that in today’s Parade magazine where the quote supposoldy came from, there was nothing about Jesus being a Gay………..did Parade get ascared and pull the quote?????

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