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Bill O’Reilly Gets Paid To: Harm School Children

Not surprisingly, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t care if students have access to gay-oriented information — a topic in the news because the ACLU has joined the fight to restore school computers’ access to LGBT info pages. The sad old man, of course, should never be confused with someone with the best interests of America’s youth. Because if he were, he’d want young people to have more tools at their disposal for exploring their identities, like the homepages of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network and Marriage Equality USA. O’Reilly, and guest Lis Wiehl, once again mistake homosexuality as an identity that’s purely about ramming penises into butts. There grown adults are HARMFUL.

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  • D-Sun

    My brain hurts after watching that.

  • Mateo

    I swear that there may be less white trash on the church channel then on Fox News. Bill O’Reilly and that nasty skag who agrees with him can both bathe in their idiotic bigotry. Why should any American, regardless of age, be exposed to his angry screeching? One day we will look back on Bill O’Reilly like we now look at DDT.

  • Mateo

    @Mateo: and by DDT I of course mean the carcinogenic pesticide sprayed upon crowds of people/and crops in the mid-19th century

  • emma

    Lesbian Gay Straight Education Network

    Er, no such organization, guys. I think you mean the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. It’s easy to remember, because it’s abbreviated GLSEN, pronounced “glisten”… I hope you already know this…

  • emma

    @emma: All right, I see that you’ve just pasted that from Oh My Gov, although you might think about, well, fact checking.

  • AlwaysGay

    His passing can’t come soon enough. It should have been Bill O’Reilly instead of Michael Jackson.

    Gay kids desperately need accurate information about homosexuality and other gay people. It can be very lonely when you are the only one out in your school.

  • Steve

    I agree with those who say that the gay information should be available in schools. I am a middle aged gay that lived for over 30 in the closet precisely because of a lack of information.
    Bill O, can get stuffed!

  • schlukitz


    My brain always hurts too after watching Bill O’Really? spew his bigotry and hatred.

  • Aaron Khan

    I usually never read any stories on Bill O’Rielly on Querty because I end up getting all baffled and bothered when I hear all the illogical statements he says. So I took a chance this time and ended up suffering the same nauseating symptoms every time I hear O’Rielly speak.

    What a waste of my time.

  • OhYeah

    Bill O’Reilly’s great. Tells it like it is (even though I don’t agree with him on everything). Pretty good on the gay issues too (at least he has good gay guests on like Besen and Signorile). I wish he’d smack down that Barney Frank again too.

  • jason

    If it was “two hot chicks”, he’d be all for it, no doubt.

  • hyhybt

    @Mateo: I believe you mean the 20th century.

  • galefan2004

    @D-Sun: You couldn’t pay me to watch that. Seriously, I feel that this is totally uncalled for. I think its ridiculous that this is blocked. I still remember my first experiences with “gay”. It was from Police Academy. I saw those leather dudes ball room dancing and was scarred for the next 10 years. It would have been nice to go into the school I was at and research some positive views. However, I was very lucky there to because when I was in high school our librarian and I were close friends and (to use the cliche) she knew I was gay before I did, and she always kept materials in the library that viewed homosexuality in a positive light. Actually I wore my pride jewelery (a necklace I made myself) into the library at the high school after I graduated to visit her. She told me she liked the necklace because it was bright and colorful and if she had a gay child her only concern would be for their safety. She was really progressive for a small town librarian.

  • benlayvey

    Kids these days regardless of restrictions can access gay info anywhere. The idea that there is not available info for gay youths is absurd. With studies claiming gays spend three times as much time on the net than our hetero counterparts, surely we upload as much info too. Youtube for instance is a gay media mecca. You’ve only to type in gay and get some 1 million videos with gay content…………….and then of course you can always clear your web history and temp files afterwards lmao!!!!!!!!!

  • DuttyBarb

    NO WAY!!!!NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is going to cause so many problems!!!!!!!

    Gay oriented “information” like what exactly? It is okay to if as a boy you want to play “doctor” with another boy? Or its ok to
    sit and cross your legs like Betty your best straight girlfriend??

    I want kids to understand identities like race and gender but not that it is okay for Missy to look at Kara longingly. This is not acceptable and is disinformation. It is not ok.

    I want kids to know that the gay lifestyle is not only unhealthy(thanks for AIDS btw) but it is also pretty people are ridiculously promiscuous.

    Kids should be protected from that.

  • G. Karber

    I am very impressed with how the Queerty commenters so effectively ignore trolls. Well done, everybody.

    (And also, Bill O’Reilly might be one of the least intelligent people on TV, and in comparison to the guests on reality TV, I think that’s saying something.)

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