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  • jason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if O’Reilly and Miller masturbate over lesbians scenes. How gay is that!!

  • Allen

    I don’t see what was so bigoted about that. They both said that the penguins should be allowed to be what they are. The rest was said in good humor. I laughed. We as gay people need to lighten up sometimes and realize that there are items relating to homosexuality can be funny and discussed in a light hearted manner, regardless of who says them.

  • Mike

    What a waste of airtime….but then, why expect seeing anything intelligent on Fox News?!?!

  • Captain Freedom

    For the record, Dennis Miller is pro gay rights and has in the past scolded Republicans for their views on marriage even during interviews. Let’s not aim our crosshairs at him. We need people like him to push for equality on the right.

  • AlwaysGay

    Bill O’Reilly is a bigot. He should be wiped off the planet.

  • TANK

    chachi’s career never really existed to nuke the fridge.

  • TANK

    chachi’s about as pro gay rights as he needs to be to desperately stoke the dying embers of his “career”. His comedy has always been marked by non-ironic homophobia.

  • Addyboo

    I’m usually the first person to defend FOX News, and (egads!) Bill O’Reilly. But even I thought the “tight t-shirt” quip was unnecessary. Let Dennis Miller tell the jokes Bill.

  • Bob

    O’reilly made clear that her thought it was goofy to try to “change” the gay penquins, and made about as much sense as trying to change gay men and women. he couldn’t have been more right than if we were answering the question on Who wants to be a millionaire… Let the O’reilly bashing stop here. He is on our side, and would love to hear from more Conservative non loon gays in America.,

  • Alex

    @AlwaysGay: No. Not okay. We’ve already seen twice in under 2 weeks how violent rhetoric leads to violence. Even though I don’t think anyone on this blog will ever commit an act of political violence (hell, I sort of doubt whether most people here get off their computers long enough to vote) we have to totally denounce any calls to violence.

  • Paul

    Please don’t post anymore you tubes of BO. Pathetic and not worth the time to comment or watch.

  • Dennis

    By Fox News standards, this is relatively “small h” homophobia…gay issues played for laughs, not to incite hatred…even Bill “loofa lovin” O’Reilly said he doesn’t think gays should “be changed” or whatever…

    Note: This will most likely be the ONLY time I offer even a half-hearted defense of anything on Fox News.

  • chapeau

    No9 Bob …

    So, Bill-O is pro-gay rights? Yeah right.

  • TANK

    Bob’s real name’s matt…hey matt! How’s your report?

  • Sarah

    I didn’t think this one was that bad, actually. The transsexual comment was a tad offensive but lighten up! I was actually laughing a bit.

  • depfox

    I like my video on gay penguins better LOL.

    Those two could use some time sitting on an egg?


  • InExile

    Maybe O’Reilly is lighting up these days after referring to “Tiller the Killer” on his show and then Dr. Tiller being shot and killed. News commentators like this share in the responsibility of the rabid right wing nuts committing domestic terrorism.

  • Thom Freeheart

    Every time someone shows me a clip of Bill O’Reilly, I usually finish wondering why everybody hates him so. He never comes across as extreme as portrayed. He never seems as angry and nasty as some would like for him to be.

  • Robert, NYC

    Yeah…right…this is the same O’Reilly who opposes same-sex marriage while sexually harrassing an intern (in violation of his own catholic marriage vows). He settled the lawsuit out of court because Fox News didn’t want any more of his dirty linen being aired in public, as well as lose viewership and revenues. If that’s not bigotry and hypocrisy, I don’t know what is! The same applies to all of those right wing religious wackos.

  • Thom Freeheart

    I thought that was Bill Clinton who opposed same-sex marriage while getting it on with an intern and who eventually settled the Paula Jones sexual harassment case out of court?

  • Robert, NYC

    @Thom Freeheart:

    It applies to both dems and republicans, except Clinton NEVER shoved religion down our throats, while O’Reilly draws on his catholic belief system to justify discrimination against us. He’s just as much a hypocrite as Clinton. By the way, even though Clinton lied, Lewinski was a consenting party to oral sex, he didn’t harrass or force her, big difference. The woman admitted her infatuation with him after all.

    How can O’Reilly take the moral high ground on same-sex marriage when he’s already violated his vows, maybe more than once? People like him are the real threat to marriage, not us. He’s not different than a lot of straights playing the double standard, they too can’t keep their dicks in their pants while mouthing off against marriage equality. Who has the monopoly on marital philandering, adultery and bigamy, pal? The answer is…STRAIGHTS, they’ve been doing that since marriage existed, long before our marriage equality rights were a conception let alone a reality.

  • Jteasdal

    Bill said essentially God made them that way, leave them alone. You there aren’t many statements more supportive of gay people than that. Despite opposition to gay marriage it is possible to not be a bigot, this was widely accepted as recently as a few years ago, yet now anyone who doesn’t support it gets labels a bigot, this seems dangerous.

    This is whats happening with Bill, he is actually more supportive of gay people than he is portrayed in the media. But his show is watch by people who don’t share his views, so whenever he talked about gay issues he has to throw some jokes in there with so all the anti-gay people watching don’t feel threatened. If you find the jokes offensive that’s fine, but listen to what hes actually saying too.

  • Dorian

    We need to take a chill pill, over this. I’m all for going against anti-gay bigots, and I’m not an O’Reilly fan. But this is harmless, good fun. I mean, don’t you ever laugh at yourself? Let’s face, there is a lot to laugh at our quirks.

  • Robert, NYC


    You don’t quite get it. He is very vocal about his opposition to same-sex marriage and I have no problem with that, that’s his opinion but when he brings up the sanctity of marriage as he has done, then that is another matter. He even pandered to the fear mongers of the right wing regarding their mantras that allowing same sex marriage would lead to polygamy, brothers marrying sisters and other hysteria. THAT my friend IS BIGOTRY. Espousing one’s religious beliefs while attempting to cheat on his wife speaks volumes. Not every who is anti-gay is a bigot, of course not, but when they are married, upholding their religious beliefs and the sanctity of marriage while cheating, IS about bigotry and hypocrisy. He deserves both labels.

  • Jteasdal

    @Robert, NYC:

    The problem with many of the arguments made for same sex marriage is that from an intellectual standpoint when those arguments are extended they DO lead to support for polygamy, incest, and a number of other types of relationships. If the only variable to whether government should extend benefits to a relationship is how people feel about one another or whether they love each other, there is very little one can say to defend not recognizing these other arrangements. But the fact of the matter is Government doesn’t get involved with marriage because of the nature of the relationship between spouses, it gets involved because of the benefits to society those relationships bring. We must show how same sex marriages and relationship benefit society, and there is ample evidence that they do. I doubt than very much Bill Oreilly and other opponents of Same sex marriage will be able to say that polygamy or other types of relationships bring the same benefits.

  • EE Keller

    @Allen: In a prior televised conversation between O’Reilley and Miller: After Miller finished his rant, O’Reilly chimed in that Obama’s next move should be “to arrest Barney Frank, correct?” Miller replies, “Eh, Barney might want to be arrested.” A homophobe is a homophobe is a homophobe.

  • Bob

    @Robert, NYC:

    It’s amazing that a group of Americans (myself included) continue to refer to ourselves as “gay”. For those of you coming out in the last decade or so, that term used to imply happy, or merry.. Hardly. Now you want people to not judge us, but in the next breath, you’re like; That Bill Oreilly, he did this, he said that… just keep shaking that finger….

  • Bob

    @EE Keller: keep shaking that finger while you’re demanding tolerance and acceptance. Here’s a News flash. Barney Frank IS a DORK, he’s a crappy gay role model, and a dishonest guy. If someone feels the need to toss a gay joke out there, he’s a great one to throw it at.

  • alan brickman

    I’ve had two ladies already asking me to ban books on pengiuns…so sad..

  • The ROFLcopter

    Well aparently the video has been removed for a violation on Youtube.

  • Robert, NYC


    Again, you just don’t get it. Polygamy and incest are as old as the world and older than marriage. Polygamous marriages throughout recent history are all heterosexual oriented since LGBT people have never been allowed to marry until 8 years ago. If same sex marriage will lead to more of this as you claim and have no evidence to support it given the short history of same sex marriage, what do you think contributed to polygamy in the first place and what was the sexual orientation of those who perpetrated it? There was no same sex marriage around. Where is the evidence that same sex marriage will increase polygamy, incest and other forms of “marriages”. You’re just another of those people pandering to fear and hate mongering about something you know is inevitable. You’ve lost the cultural war, pal, that’s why you’re here, an act of desperation.

    You’re dead wrong when you say government doesn’t get involved with marriage. It most certainly does when it bestows 1049 federal rights only on straight couples. You’re an idiot and oblivious to the facts. The threat to marriage is heterosexuals who commit adultery, philander and father children out of wedlock, again, older than marriage itself and all HETEROSEXUAL. We had NOTHING to do with that, you’re an idiot.

  • Addyboo

    If Bill O’Reilly is responsible for Tiller the Baby Killer’s death, does that mean that Katie Couric is responsible for the death of the Army private in Arkansas? Or is Rev. Jeremiah Wright responsible for the shooting at the Holocaust museum? Don’t be stupid. Blame can be placed anywhere – even on queeny comment threads.

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