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Bill O’Reilly Manages to Out-Do His Own Ignorance During Same Show

Fox News comedian Bill O’Reilly is, like Sarah Palin, the gift that keeps on giving. While he pretends to be a serious news pundit, he has entered the realm of celebrity tabloid minstrelsy: He now employs body language “experts” to gauge the intents of politicians. Except his guest Tonya Reiman is, laughably, billed only as someone who “studied psychology and non-verbal communication,” which is the equivalent of studying, well, astrology — if only because they’re equally as accurate.

Ms. Reiman is on the show to talk about Barney Frank. Specifically, Barney Frank’s fingernails. Mr. O’Reilly believes Frank did this to “bait” him. That, in fact, was Frank’s only reason to come on the show, and not to engage in public discourse about legislation.

The above segment would be amazing, if only because on the same show O’Reilly decided to take on Michael Jackson’s death. Specifically, how Michael Jackson is a racist or something.

We’re now confident the 2-plus million people tuning in to The O’Reilly Factor are there for the jokes.