Bill O’Reilly Objects To The Michael Sam “Gay Thing,” Continues To Be An Awful Person

Bill O’Reilly’s journey to become the world’s worst human being took a pit stop in the Michael Sam department yesterday, as he couldn’t help but comment on the “dog and pony show” surrounding the out NFL hopeful’s pick by the St. Louis Rams.

Calling the fact that that Sam, if picked up by the team, will be the FIRST OUT GAY NFL PLAYER IN HISTORY “way overplayed and annoying,” O’Reilly demonstrates a very insidious and annoying kind of homophobia: the idea that bringing attention to Sam’s sexual orientation takes the focus off of his achievements.

Note to O’Reilly: Yes, we all hope that someday having an out gay player in major sports will be as innocuous as having a player who’s a person of color, but we are many years and many, many out gay players away from that becoming the norm.

So we’ll make a deal. We’ll continue to make a big annoying deal out of this and you can continue to be a horrible human being. We suspect that you won’t have a hard time keeping up your end of the bargain.