Misses The Educational Mark

Bill O’Reilly Takes On Gay High Schoolers

Perhaps freedom of speech isn’t such a good thing…

Blow hard Bill O’Reilly used his Fox News show to again rail against the sexually deviant queers. Discussing cutest lesbian couple Lupe Silva and Brandy Johnson, O’Reilly not only claims students voted for the girls to “tweak the adults,” but also says it’s “inappropriate” to discuss sexuality in a minor setting. We can still talk about genocide and the atomic bomb, though.

Dr. Laura Berman of Northwestern University and The Chicago Sun-Times stands her ground, telling Bill-O that gay kids need educational support. Media Matters has the entire transcript, but here’s a taste:

Berman: …Yes, there is experimentation, absolutely, but it’s also very true that many teens are becoming very clear that they are seriously attracted to the same sex, not the opposite sex. And they have nowhere to turn.

O’Reilly: Well, I think —

BERMAN: They have no support systems.

O’Reilly: Look, I’ve been very consistent on this since my first book was written. I think private behavior belongs in private settings.

Berman: Right.

O’Reilly: I don’t think it belongs in the high school yearbook.

Berman: But you’d be OK with the cutest couple, heterosexual couple, though?

O’Reilly: I would be, because that is the norm of society.

We take it Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have much of an imagination, compassion or a soul. This bastard of a man felt the need to shit on these two girls’ shining moment? What a disgraceful example of a human being.