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Bill O’Relly Seeks Gay Segregation

Now that he’s blown the lid off lesbian gangs, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly took aim at the Padres‘ recent “gay pride” night.

In addition to inviting the homos, the San Diego-based baseballers promised free hats to children under 14, thus perpetuating the gay agenda: world domination. Describing the night as “social engineering,” O’Reilly slammed the Padres’ inclusion, which he described as “insensitive and dumb”. Would O’Reilly prefer queer concentration camps? Probably.

The Cup of Joe sent us over these screen caps. We’re waiting on video, but, to be honest, we’re not sure we want to hear it – reading the words makes us sick enough.

Here’s the video. The sound’s not great and neither is the message:

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  • cjc

    Imagine the children that would result from O’Reilly and Coulter—the horror, the horror!

  • Heather_L_James

    I wonder if O’Reilly has ever attended a Broadway show. I assume he has, so how did he manage to avoid being infected with “gay”? Are some people immune to “gay”? If O’Reilly was around in the 40s and 50s he would have been among those that thought he could catch “black” from a drinking fountain or a lunch counter. And anyways it’s baseball, lesbians don’t have promiscuous sex, we mate for life! O’Reilly needs to save his outrage for the night they combine Pride with free opera glasses for anyone under fourteen at “Spring Awakening”. What a tool.

  • kank

    So is he assuming that the only time that straight families will ever come into contact with gays is at these designated gay inclusive events? This report seems to rely on that tried and tested chesnut of if you are a man that likes men, then you must also like small boys. Why is the same logic never applied to hetrosexual males?

  • BillieXX

    The O’Reilly is a pompous wind-bag who has convinced himself he is some guardian of the peoples.

  • Paul Raposo

    It’s apparent that the Repub party knows it has no chance of winning the next election and is looking for a new enemy. It ain’t Saddam. It never was Ossama. It ain’t illegal immigrants. It is the gay community. We are the new “red” menace. We will be vilified, scapegoated and made into monsters that the conservatives must save America from. The nest two years are going to be hell for us, what with hateful right-wingers and apathetic progressives, we’ll be lucky to come out of the election with our rights intact.

  • gayleftborg

    Bill O’Reilly is just a loud little clover-plucking leprechaun and nothing more.

  • BillieXX

    I despise the O’Reilly BUT mr/ms. gayleftborg your racist rant against the man is over the line. Take that crap somewhere else.

  • Martini-boy

    “at four or five, sir , american parents have the right not to have that conversation (about sex / sexual orientation) and not to have that conversation at a baseball park.”

    That’s what I would call irresponsible parenting.

    “Most gays did behave properly, and some were exhibitionist.”

    And he acknowledges that such a thing happens. So, what’s the deal?

    The only issues came from the conservative parents who have qualms about sex. If the parents, and society in general, were more open-minded about sexuality – and more willing to talk about the birds and the bees and all the other critters in between – such an uproar would have been muted down considerably.

    Oh, and p.s.: Mr. De Hart was a crappy argumentalist. He shamed me to the max. Anyone else cold have probably done a better job.

  • urban bohemian

    Is he actually seeking real gay segregation or is he just covering the story (which has already been covered in detail by plenty of other outlets) with his usual right-wing slant? I only watched O’Reilly’s initial segment of video, and it looked like his usual crap.

  • kiveon

    Whats up with the man who is supposed to defend us. He did a half ass, sorry job. He let that loud mouth, stepfored wife say all kinds of crap about gays. He was pathetic!

  • dramanonymous

    “Daddy! Can I get TWO hats? One for me and one for the boyfriend I’m going to pick up at the forest preserve tonight since attending this baseball game is going to make me gay!”

    How O’Reilly is allowed to continue broadcasting confounds me.

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