Updated With Video

Bill O’Relly Seeks Gay Segregation

Now that he’s blown the lid off lesbian gangs, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly took aim at the Padres‘ recent “gay pride” night.

In addition to inviting the homos, the San Diego-based baseballers promised free hats to children under 14, thus perpetuating the gay agenda: world domination. Describing the night as “social engineering,” O’Reilly slammed the Padres’ inclusion, which he described as “insensitive and dumb”. Would O’Reilly prefer queer concentration camps? Probably.

The Cup of Joe sent us over these screen caps. We’re waiting on video, but, to be honest, we’re not sure we want to hear it – reading the words makes us sick enough.

Here’s the video. The sound’s not great and neither is the message: