Apologizes Again For August's Gay Gaffe

Bill Richardson Reminds Us Of His Questionable Past

Bill Richardson put his paws to good use this week when he penned a post for The Bilerico Project. Rather than addressing future plans as a potential president or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s birthday, the New Mexican governor decided to look back to last August. Apparently he felt the need to yet again apologize for his queer choice of words during HRC’s gay forum.

Richardson recalls a meeting at Southern Nevada’s LGBT center, during which the Democrat declared: “Look, I screwed up. I didn’t understand the question and I made a mistake. What I truly believe is that this is an trait that you’re born with. It’s not a choice.”

In addition to reiterating his apologetics, Richardson reminds everyone that Barack Obama ain’t the only candidate who’s faced prejudice:

I grew up in Mexico City, but went to school in Massachusetts, the only Mexican kid at an all-white high school. I have faced discrimination, and I have dedicated my life to putting an end to it. It¹s time that every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender person in this country enjoyed the same rights as everyone else.

Note that Richardson didn’t mention his maricón moment.