Bill Richardson Wants Your Gay Vote

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson remains convinced he’s the most gay-friendly candidate out there. The New Mexico Governor tells Washington Blade:

I, by far, have the best record, not just the record of voting right but of pushing for gay and GLBT legislation throughout my career as a congressman and as a governor, particularly as a governor. I believe I have the most far-reaching legislative record in a red state than any other governor. In fact, I think New Mexico and New York are considered the most pro gay-lesbian states in terms of rights simply because I’ve taken leadership positions and not just supported them.

I’ve got the strongest record and the gay civil rights community should, in my judgment, support me, not because I have the best position papers or give the best speeches but what I’ve done as a governor to advance the legislation, and that I would champion this legislation.

So, readers, think Richardson deserves your electoral love?