Backs ENDA

Bill Richardson Writes For Gay Rights

As the Senate debates the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Governor Bill Richardson’s put proverbial – and virtual – pen to paper to support the groundbreaking legislation.

In a post over at The Bilerico Project, the Democratic presidential contender contends:

I am thrilled that ENDA will finally get the committee mark-up we have all been waiting so long for. It’s about time. It’s been a long, thirteen year struggle. Together, let’s make sure that we do not wait one year more. We should also make sure that the Senate finally passes a decent hate crimes law that protects LGBT Americans from heinous, hate-motivated crimes.

For me, these issues are about basic civil rights. LGBT Americans have been denied their civil rights for too long. And all Americans suffer because of it. I think that Dr. King put it best when he wrote that “Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.” Until the rights of every American are guaranteed, the rights of all Americans are demeaned.

Richardson goes on to highlight his own efforts against discrimination, such as expanding New Mexico’s anti-discrimination and hate crimes laws. These actions, however, do nothing to protect all Americans, thus Richardson’s throwing his weight behind Barney Frank and other pro-ENDA politicos. Well done, Richardson!

You’ve made us almost forget that whole “choice” brouhaha.