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Billie Eilish’s facial expressions were the only memorable moments from last night’s Oscars

Last night’s telecast of the 92nd Academy Awards was perhaps one of the longest, most boring, most anesthetized Oscars ceremonies in recent history, perhaps ever. And we’re not the only ones who felt that way.

Singer Billie Eilish was there to perform for the “In Memoriam” segment, during which she sang a lovely cover of the Beatles song “Yesterday.” Throughout the rest of the three-and-a-half-hour ceremony, however, the 18-year-old struggled to even appear like she was having a good time.

At one point, she was captured looking horrified at Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wigg’s musical medley during the award for best costume design. At another point, she looked completely confused as to why rapper Eminem was performing his 2002 hit “Lose Yourself.”

In the end, Eilish may have provided us with the only memorable moments of what will likely go down in history as the least memorable Oscars ceremony to date. Until next year, that is.

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