rinse, repeat

Billy Bush Hopes All Beauty Pageants Will Spark Debate on Gay Marriage

Miss USA

Know what the world needs now? A repeat of the Carrie Prejean fiasco. And luckily, Miss USA co-host Billy Bush is also co-hosting the Miss Universe Pageant!

Back in April, it was Bush holding the mic when Carrie Prejean gave her “opposite marriage” answer. And with another of Donald Trump‘s beauty pageants to host, why not make a spectacle of these girls’ artificial intelligence? Billy Bush certainly hopes that’ll happen!

“I love knowing [the Q&A portion] is coming up,” Bush told reporters this week. “In a moment of 30 seconds on live TV, anything can go wrong, and it usually does.

“I’ll never forget when [Prejean] answered that question. You could hear the gasps in the audience … and all of the sudden, you felt like something happened,” he said. “I hope people remember the last Miss USA and tune into Miss Universe to see what might happen.”

Actually, let’s be fair: “Something” didn’t happen, not on the live television broadcast. Barely anyone watches these trite competitions any more. The “something” that happened was when the judge who asked the question took to his blog and turned Prejean’s answer into an attack on civil liberties (and an exercise is saying “cunt”). Given this year’s judges — Dean Cain, Colin Cowie, Gerry Deveaux, Farouk, Heather Kerzner, Richard Lefrak, George Maloof Jr., Valeria Mazza, Matthew Rolston, Andre Leon Talley, Tamara Tunie and Keisha Whitaker — aren’t exactly petri dishes of creating controversy, it’s doubtful they’ll be asking the hard questions.