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Billy Eichner Defends Sex And The City 2 To Sarah Jessica Parker


Has any  recent film been more maligned than Sex and the City 2? OK, there’s the disastrous Stonewall. And there’s Reese Witherspoon-Sofia Vergara’s alleged comedy Hot Pursuit. Also, any movie starring Kevin Hart, Kevin James or Adam Sandler fits the bill, but we digress. When all-around lovely and wealthy person Sarah Jessica Parker reprised her iconic role as city gal Carrie Bradshaw in the filmic sequel in 2010, the film was savaged by critics and a lot of moviegoers, even though it grossed nearly $300 million worldwide. Now professional loudmouth Billy Eichner has something to say about it. He loved the movie and was upset with the vitriol leveled at it. He explains to SJP, who can barely get a word in, that it was mostly all the bros out there getting back at the series’ treatment of men. Hmm, that’s food for thought, Billy, but we’re not really buying it. Anyway, the two then indulge in a rollicking game of “Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App.”

Watch the shenanigans below.