Billy Norwich Comes Out (No, Not In That Way)

Homo-journo Billy Norwich has been palling around with ladies!

No, the style guru hasn’t gone straight – he’s been anonymously writing for the estrogen-heavy website, wowOwow.

For months Norwich has been penning columns as the “Etceterist,” but today, Halloween of all days, he’s decided to take off the mask and explain himself, like why he’s been calling himself the Etceterist:

This is a site with such gravitas and serious intent, so adding commentary and news about style matters, the fluffy vainglorious concerns about food, clothing and shelter – as opposed to the need for them – we had better make it clear to our readers that we know, that they know … this is the lighter side of life, the etcetera. Hence The Etceterist.

Leave it to the lavender set to highlight the “lighter side.” Now, where are our loafers?