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Billy Porter does NOT hold back when asked about Will Smith’s toxic masculinity

“It’s a really rough one for me, you know, because I don’t know that I have the authority to speak on it. But as a Black, queer man who has been dragged through the mud — for not being masculine enough in this world or for being the cause of the emasculation of the black man because I decided to play with feminine silhouette in my clothing — it’s really disheartening that version of masculinity shows up like that. It’s upsetting, it’s upsetting. I will be the Black queen that I am, because if that is the representation of what masculinity is supposed to be, I don’t need it,”Actor Billy Porter to Entertainment Tonight, weighing in on the ongoing fallout from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. The Academy has banned Smith from attending for the next ten years.
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