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Billy Porter’s birthday tribute to his husband Adam is #RelationshipGoals

Husbands Adam Porter Smith and Billy Porter
Adam Porter Smith and Billy Porter (Photo: Shutterstock)

Billy Porter posted a sweet message over the weekend to mark the birthday of his husband, Adam Porter Smith.

“Happy Birthday to my beautiful husband,” Porter, 53, said, alongside photos of them together. “I am so grateful to have you by my side on our journey together. You are my rock and my light. I am so proud of you and love watching the way your mind works and your dedication to pursuing your dreams.

“You are a trusted friend and confidant to so many, a loving brother and uncle, and a fabulous dog-dad to our baby Lola. We are so lucky to have you. I love you ❤️”

They met at a dinner party in 2009 after Smith moved from Los Angeles to New York City. They dated casually for about a year before deciding to go their separate ways. However, in 2015, they were drawn back together and decided to give things another go.

“It had been marinating within me, my love for him and figuring it out and coming to terms with it, over the years,” Smith explained to People. “So I knew that it was on me if I wanted to ever change anything; I would have to be the first one to approach the subject.”

The pair decided to get back together on Porter’s 46th birthday, after dinner following one of his performances in Hamilton. They married on January 14, 2017. They were keen to do so before Donald Trump was sworn into office.

Smith studied at the theatre at the California Institute of the Arts. He graduated in 2003. However, rather than pursue a theatrical career, he almost immediately went into retail and found himself rising in the world of luxury eyewear. He launched his own swimwear brand, The Smith Society, in 2021. Check out its Instagram below.