Billy Reilich Serves The Best Bedhead; Andy Cohen Rides Piggyback With Mike Tyson

This week, Daniel Tosh showered with Carrot Top (!), Beyonce is picking up new moves from Jonathan Groff and Sam Smith is officially taking a break. Here’s what happened recently on Instagram:


Adam Lambert chose not to dress up for Halloween this year.


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  It’s hard to imagine that Wolverine was ever a young blond boy.

Circa 1970 me and Sooty. #tbt A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Perhaps Adele reminded Darryl Stephens that he once owned a flip-phone.

On a flip phone in 2006 for the premiere of BOY CULTURE. One of my favorite movie making experiences, to this day. #tbt

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Sachin Bhatt is still touting his smooth look.

Lookout catfish, Max Joseph and Nev Schulman are together again.

Who wore it best?

THIS BITCH, IS WEARING MY PANTS! @bobthedragqueen #sale #notaste #shadybitch ? A photo posted by Bianca Del Rio (@thebiancadelrio) on

Which one is the real Michael Lucas?

#lucasentertainment #LucasMen

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Frankie J. Alvarez is getting ready for his Looking close-up.

@russelltovey I’m coming for you bro. #agustin is swole this year; don’t f with me!! @lookinghbo A photo posted by Frankie J. Alvarez (@sexytosomeppl) on

Run, Kellan, run!

Hmm, maybe Andy Cohen really does enjoy being on top.

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John Stamos is still a horny devil.

2 Devils, no waiting. @shuapeck

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Our thirst for Luke Casey is unquenchable.

Thirsty ??? A photo posted by @luke_casey on

Sleeping beauty.

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Billy Reilich‘s bedhead is waking us up early.

When your body wakes you up early cause it’s hungry….? A photo posted by Billy Reilich (@billreilich) on

Jesse Metcalfe likes a little edging now and then.

Robbie Rogers has got legs and knows how to use them.

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