Birdbrained Gays Chirp About Blacks, Trans, Voguers

There’s a “dangerous ongoing situation” in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, says the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance. And when they say “dangerous,” they either mean “brown,” “trans hookers” or “dancing”. Regardless, all of which are a “problem”.

MPSA representative Steve Gower distributed a “safety report” to the gay friendly neighborhood’s residents lamenting a group of black and Latin men who gather in the public park every Sunday.

Denouncing the group’s alleged fights, drug use and nebulous “assorted illegal activities,” the letter really speaks for its hilariously ignorant self, after the jump.

As quoted in Southern Voice,

The problem continues to escalate weekly, and we fear that if some concrete solutions are not found, someone will be seriously injured or even killed. Needless to say, most regular park visitors are afraid to use this area of the park on Sunday evenings.

This is somehow tied in with a group that has been meeting there for several years – they are organized to some degree into groups known as ‘houses,’ and into something known as ‘vogue dancing’. We don’t fully understand what this group is, but we do not think there is anything problematic about the group’s intention or philosophy – and certainly nothing problematic about vogue dancing – but some bad elements are definitely coming into their midst.”

Gower, himself a gay man, but not one that knows much about gay history, continues, “We are told the movie Paris is Burning would shed more light on them.” You may want to go back a little and start with Roots.

Whether or not crime exists remains a point of contention. LGBT liaison Officer Darlene contradicts Gower’s reactionary statements, “That is not true. Nothing has been proven as far as that crowd being linked to any crime in the area.” The Parks Department’s Myra Reeves agrees, “We have not had an issue of crime.” The MPSA, however, says they have proof. And they posted it on YouTube. Homo-journo Ryan Lee writes,

The neighborhood association has posted on YouTube several videos of its security patrol taping transgender prostitutes walking the streets.

“We aim to show just how dangerous these prostitutes are when they are challenged regarding their illegal activity,” read the statement from Gower, who operated the camera for the videos. “Our appreciation for diversity never includes tolerance for illegal activity.”

Gower’s going down and taping these hos? This man has too much time on his hands. And, it seems, likes making his own drama.

While they’re happy to send wacky emails, Gower and his friends at MPSA apparently aren’t so keen on talking to the press. MPSA President Peggy Denby told Gower not to talk to Lee, “Do not under any circumstances answer those questions.” After a night of strategizing, Gower, presumably with Denby’s approval, told Sovo they were just passing on information obtained from Piedmont Park Conservancy VP, Chris Nelson. Nelson did not comment. Resident Angel Luis Poventud did comment:

Anyone who’s been in Midtown for four or five years knows that Piedmont Park is where black folks meet on Sundays because it’s a safe space for them where they can be themselves away from their families, who might not be accepting. It’s people getting together and socializing.

C’mon, Poventud! You have to understand the MPSA and friend’s position. Everyone knows when more than three coloreds get together, they’re a scheming – usually to escape the plantation.