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Birmingham’s First Married Gays James and Brynn Tudor Save the Life Of Their Neighborhood Harasser

James and Brynn Tudor in 2005 became Birmingham, England’s first same-sex couple to wed under the country’s civil partnership law. When they moved to a new home in 2007 their new neighbor Baljit Koonar, 29, helped them celebrate by subjecting them to regular verbal harassment. Did we mention the Tudors just saved Koonar from dying in a house fire?

In the ultimate of ironies, just days before Koonar was due in court to face charges of harassment — where he was given an 18-month order of supervision and forced to pay a £300 in fees and fines to the Tudors — the Tudors awoke smelling smoke. Bajit and his family were on the roof. A neighbor grabbed a ladder, and the Tudors helped usher them to safety. Bajit even thanked them.