never skip dessert

10 life lessons from drag queen Juanita MORE! on her “33” birthday

I was that little kid that disliked all the fuss and attention a birthday brings.

“Please don’t sing,” I would silently repeat over and over to myself.

As the years passed I’ve come to accept the fact that those who love you want to celebrate you once a year. I’ve learned to appreciate all the fuss and excitement that another turn on mother earth brings. This year as I turn 33 – once again – I’ve decided to throw myself the biggest birthday party ever.

There will be cocktails, hors-d’oeuvres, music, and entertainment.

The even bigger news is that I am taking over the kitchen and restaurant at Jones, the venue of my annual Sunday Pride Party. Chefs Cory Armenta, Cole Church and I are all veterans of the culinary and entertainment industry and we all look forward to joining forces with the Jones team. There will be family prix-fixe dinners, hosted happy hours and a Sunday drag brunch. We hope that San Francisco will love our new direction for the restaurant, and our fresh approach to Latin-Mediterranean style food.

So join me in celebrating my birthday and FREE restaurant take-over!

As my birthday has approached, I’ve been giving some thought to my life lessons. Here are a few I’d like to share…

1. Learn to agree to disagree

But it’s not enough to just accept that lesson. You have to know in your heart that it is perfectly fine, and that it not a threat to yourself, just a show of respect for how different we all are.

2. Remember that whatever you give someone is also a gift to your own spirit

So inspire, teach and love–and please don’t expect anything in return.

3. Learn to forgive

If you’ve got the memory of an elephant, I forgive you for not forgetting.

4. Be patient when things aren’t going your way

Stop. Take a deep breath. And then deal with it.

5. Anytime time wasted on being jealous is just that

A huge waste of time and emotional energy better spent on other things.

6. Be the driver of your bus

Don’t idle. Determine your own future.

7. Learn to roll with change

I love watching change happen. Make it yours rather than watching from the sidelines with a frown.

8. If dude cheated on his ex, he’s sure as hell gonna cheat on you

Go after single guys!

9. For crying out loud – please do everything like you don’t need the money

Integrity is everything.

10. Never skip dessert

Enjoy the moment rather than living for the future.