Bisexual Bush’s Painful Past Comes Back To Haunt Him

President Bush may have made a name for himself decrying homosexuality, but Leola McConnell‘s new autobiography blows the lids off Georgie Boy’s bisexual past.

Lustful Utterances: The Autobiography of Domina Leola McConnell recalls McConnell’s career as a dominatrix. During her reign as a pain giver, McConnell’s path crossed with some of American politic’s most powerful, including Joseph McCarthy‘s closeted comrade, Roy Cohn and Alfred Bloomingdale.

Of Bush, she writes:

The mainstream media has known of George Bush’s actions since forever, but as a favor to his father, and others, they set about systematically pressing the erase button to cover his tracks.

McConnell’s memoir – which she’s dedicated, for some reason, to Pink and Sean Penn – asserts that the future president had a penchant for bondage and lusted for punishment. These sexual kinks, she says, explain his bellicose, destructive domestic and foreign policy.

McConnell’s claims make sense: Bush loves grabbing people by the balls and bombing them a new asshole.