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Bisexual reality star Carlton Morton wants a second chance on the show that sent him to therapy

Last month, bisexual reality star Carlton Morton was posting cryptic things on Twitter and had police show up at his front door for a wellness check following his appearance on Netflix’s Love is Blind. This month, he says he’s ready for another chance at love on the show.

Speaking to TMZ recently, Morton says that, if given the opportunity, he would “absolutely” return for the show’s second season, which is currently casting.

“I’m looking for love right now,” he says. “So if someone started a season two today, I’d be like ‘let’s go to the pod’.”

It’s quite a reversal from just a month ago, when Morton said that being on the show resulted in him ultimately needing to seek therapy.

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In early March, Morton implied he was “done” with celebrity life in a since-deleted Instagram post. Following a particularly bad radio interview, he said he was no longer responding to media requests because of how poorly he was being treated as an LGBTQ person.

“I’m really done,” he wrote. “Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT Black life.”

Shortly after that, he took to Twitter to say he’s been “crying for help” since Love Is Blind premiered and “no one cares.”

And shortly after that, he was rushed to an Atlanta area hospital after a friend called 911 asking police to do a wellness check on him.

After being released from the hospital, Morton revealed that he had been receiving hate mail and death threats from Love is Blind fans. It all got to be too much, so he started seeing a therapist who was helping him to “[deal] with this the best that I can.”

Evidently, one month later, he’s doing much better because he’s ready to jump back into the reality TV dating pond.

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Speaking to TMZ, he continues: “I want to find love… I’ve reached out to several companies and then the moment that I tell them my truth, they’re like, ‘Oh, this doesn’t work for our show.”

“Why don’t you want someone that’s truthful on your show? [Love is Blind] made me comfortable and took care of me. I would love to further my relationship with them and find love.”

Morton adds that the show is “open to starting the conversation about what LGBT+ love looks like.”

But this doesn’t quite jive with what showrunner Chris Coelen told Metro last month when he said the show couldn’t feature any LGBTQ contestants because of the “logistical difficulties” and because it’s not a show “that is particularly about sexuality.”

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