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Bishop Long Responds In Court: They Called Me ‘Daddy,’ I Bought Them Cars, But There Was No Sex

Bishop Eddie Long has always said he’d fight the sexual molestation lawsuits from accusers since they came forward last month. But in a court filing yesterday, he went even further and categorically denied all charges against him for the first time.

In his supposed David v. Goliath fight (where Long plays the role of David, despite being worth millions), Long says nothing illicit transpired between he and his four alleged victims.

Long, though, said in the four separate documents that he often encouraged his New Birth Missionary Church members to call him “daddy” and that some even called him “grandaddy,” but that the term was a sign of respect. The bishop also said in the documents that he has long shared rooms with some of his church members, and that his parishioners often hug him. And while he admitted to giving the plaintiffs gifts, he said he often provided many members of his church with financial assistance.

The court filing comes a day after a South Carolina bishop led dozens of folks in a Sunday rally at Georgia’s Capitol building calling for Long to resign. But he shall not, for Long has five rocks in his slingshot, and this appears to be only the first one he’s flung!

In four filings, about 30 pages each, Long wants each complaint — from Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg, Jamal Parris, and Spencer LeGrande — dismissed and a judgment issued in his favor.