hate thy brother

Bishop Malone’s ‘Blessed Sacrament’ Is Too Good For Maine’s Gays

Watch Portland’s Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Malone, who’s been very busy attacking Maine’s same-sex marriage laws, deliver his latest argument for protecting the institution of the highway to divorce. And here’s what you’ll come away with: The reason religious types cannot back down from the gay marriage debate is they fail to see the separation between church and state. They want their tax-exempt status, but won’t stay out of purely secular matters. Marriage, friends, has only as much to do with faith as you want it. But for legal purposes? Jesus has no say.

In your church, Mr. Malone, marriage may have been “elevated as a blessed sacrament.” But in our world, it’s just a piece of paper, responsible only to man-made governments, that gives us our rights. If any person of faith — gay, straight, or otherwise — wants to attach religious meaning to marriage, that’s their choice.

But to actively denigrate gay Americans, as somehow being less than and unworthy of your “blessed sacrament” is, pastor, very un-Christian of you.