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This bizarre Michael Jackson conspiracy theory turned out to be 100% true

That posthumously-released Michael Jackson album you’ve been enjoying? Well, not all the songs are sung by Michael Jackson.

That’s the big courtroom reveal this week, as Sony fessed up to the fact that three tracks — “Breaking News,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and the 50 Cent collaboration “Monster” — were actually sung by an MJ impersonator named Jason Malachi.

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In 2010, the Jackson family first brought attention to the strange possibility that Michael’s voice was absent on some tracks on the album Michael, which was billed as a collection of unreleased songs from the late musician’s archive.

An MJ superfan named Vera Serova felt the fam was onto something; in 2014 she filed a class-action lawsuit against the album’s producers, alleging fraud.

Previously, Sony had hinted that the tracks might be fake but insisted that since the potential fraud was perpetrated on the part of producers and not the label, Sony shouldn’t be responsible.

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Sony also claimed this week that it should have the right to continue advertising the album as Jackson’s even if he isn’t featured on all the tracks.

The court is expected to rule on the label’s culpability in the next 90 days.

Here are the three fakes: