Call Disease "Public Health Emergency"

Black Clergy Join Forces Against AIDS

A coalition of Black pastors asked the federal government to invest for energy fighting HIV in black communities. Blacks are disproportionately infected with the virus compared to their white counterparts. The CDC reports that black MSM have a 46% infection rate. White men who have sex with men: 21%.

Speaking at National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS conference, Bishop TD Jakes implored his fellow clergy folk:

Just as African-American clergy fervently came together 50 years ago to fight for civil rights, we are banding together today to bring an end to HIV/AIDS and its potential to obliterate our community.

Our focus right now is saving lives. Tomorrow we can save souls.

Over the course of the two day conference, clergy and politicos drafted the HIV/AIDS Elimination Act, which “calls upon the president, Congress and corporate America to declare the HIV AIDS crisis in the African American community a public health emergency”, said the unfortunately named Reverend Calvin Butts.