Black, Gay And Republican? Chatham Mayor Bruce Harris Is A Friggin’ Unicorn!

On Tuesday, Bruce Harris was sworn in as mayor of Chatham Borough, NJ, becoming what’s believed to be the first openly gay African-American Republican mayor in U.S. history.

Um, congrats?

Before winning election in November, Harris, 61, served the borough on various boards and commission and was on the city council for two terms. “I have felt it is my duty to serve the community,” Harris told the Daily Record. “I think that public service is interesting, and finding ways to meet the challenges facing a small community like Chatham Borough is personally rewarding.”

Hey, we’re not gonna automatically hate on Harris: Republicans can be moderate, even allies, on the local level and Harris was endorsed by the Victory Fund in 2011.

We just wanna know if he has magic powers or a pot of gold?