Activists Assert A Queer Connection

Black Gays Targeted For Death In Chicago?

Black gay activists in Chicago claim two seemingly unrelated deaths have an unspoken connection:

Leaders of Chicago Black Lesbian and Gay Organizations announced a community alert Thursday morning after two recent homicides in which they believe black gay men were targeted.

The community organizations called the alert in response to the deaths of Larry Bland, on Nov. 17, and Donald Young, on Dec. 23, according to a news release.

Bland’s mother believes that a potential lover shot him to death last November.

Young, a choir director and deacon, seems to have been murdered in an apparent pre-Christmas robbery.

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  • Roy Ritter

    Black Man , Stop disgracing and dishonoring
    the Black Community and hurting Children !
    We know Whitey’s Prison system is turn you all
    into queers .Sue for cruel and unusally punishment !!!!!
    Do you jive gay-bonics ?????

  • Robin

    Larry Sinclair has filed an affidavit with the Chicago Police Department, ref: Donald Young.

    Larry Sinclair says he received several phone calls and text messages from Donald Young shortly before he was murdered. He called Larry on behalf of Barack Obama and Rev. Wright. I think the family of Donald Young would like to know this new development.

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