“Black Madam” Testifies About Injecting People’s Butts With Krazy Glue

inject2n-1-webShe calls herself “the Michelangelo of buttocks injections.”

45-year-old trans woman Padge-Victoria Windslowe (a.k.a. the Black Madam) has been charged with the death of a 20-year-old woman who she injected with Krazy Glue at a seedy airport motel in Philadelphia back in 2011. She’s currently on trial for third-degree murder.

While testifying in court this week, Windslowe said she started offering body sculpting services 20 years ago to help her transgender friends achieve the bodies they desired. She estimates that she’s performed “thousands of procedures” over the past two decades.

Windslowe said she got her training from a South American doctor who performed her 1994 sex reassignment surgery. She launched her underground body sculpting practice a year later when a transgender friend came to her seeking help.

“She (the friend) did it to help sculpt the secondary male characteristics into the female, to help transsexuals pass more on the street and basically not get harassed,” Windslowe testified. “So that’s where body sculpting came from.”

Windslowe quickly developed a reputation for excellence. So she opened a practice using money from a suburban doctor who had once hired her as an escort. She told the court he fronted her $100,000 and wrote prescriptions for some of her medical supplies. (The doctor claims he was blackmailed.)

“I just wanted to … help as many people as I could because a lot of people had self-esteem issues,” Windslowe testified. “I made money, but it wasn’t so much money.”

But not everyone was satisfied with her work.

One woman testified that she spent months in a hospital as a result of a botched surgery performed by Windslowe. Others testified that they suffered serious injuries after procedures inside airport hotels and at “pumping parties.”

But ask how she feels, and Windslowe only had fond memories of her time as body sculptor.

“I loved the camaraderie of being with the girls and hanging out,” she said. “They called me their fairy godmom.”

The trial continues.

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