Black Religious Leaders Rally Behind Romney

With less than three weeks to go before the Presidential election, and polls showing a tightening of the race, some in the black religious community are advocating that their congregants stick with their Biblical beliefs and vote against President Obama.

“Our goal is not to campaign against President Obama or any individual candidate. We seek rather to call people to vote above their emotions, party affiliations, and even their personal opinions, and to vote God’s values,” said Dr. Alveda King (pictured), niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Executive Committee member of nonprofit group, God Said.

In the last election, it was reported that almost 95% of black people voted for Obama in 2008’s historic race. But this year, some are re-evaluating their position, given Obama’s declared “evolution” on the matter of same-sex marriage.

“We (African-Americans) are culturally a religious body of people. I think that for the most part, we understand what it says as far as where God stands on these very important issues. We felt it was necessary to speak out what God said,” said Dr. Day Gardner, co-founder of the God Said campaign.

But with black unemployment almost double the national rate and a Republican-leaning Supreme Court set to possibly end affirmative action, do churchgoing voters really feel that their best interests will be served under a Romney administration? For these single-issue voters the answer, much to Obama’s detriment, may very well be ‘yes.’

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  • isaac420

    The civil rights movement started in black churches and after reading this story I am disappointed with these leaders. After all the hardship and pain that the black community went through I thought they would at least preach compassion and understanding. Instead they are now the oppressors and the hate mongers. Religion is once again used as a tool of hatred. So happy to be an atheist.

  • 2eo

    “We’ve got ours [in principal] democracy and fairness don’t apply to your kind”

    Sad really, pulling the ladder up when you’re not even halfway yourselves. The more pious a group of people, the more moronic they are.

  • Fitz

    That same silly book gave me rules for keeping slaves, and for punishing the ones who run away.

  • Avenger

    No sillier than gay people only voting for Obama because he threw them a bone. One issue voting goes both ways. How’s your economic situation been over the past 4 years? Oh, right, none of that matters because Obama said he believed gay couples should be able to marry. Some people are as easy to play as Lotto.

  • darkanser

    Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy. Even if you don’t approve of same-sex marriage, can this really be the most paramount issue in this presidential race — especially for those whom it doesn’t even directly affect? presumably straight people? I’ve had arguments with people, presumably pro-lifers, who’ve told me they didn’t like Obama’s stance on abortion but couldn’t give me specifics. I didn’t know the specifics either and I too don’t favor abortion but I’d ask them ‘Are you going to take care of all those unwanted pregnancies that might result?’

  • northwest

    They’re delusional if they think a significant amount of African-Americans are going to desert President Obama over his support of same sex marriage – not all blacks are religious and most are certainly not going to listen to some third-rate, also-ran relative of MLK.

  • darkanser

    @Avenger: Why only 4 years? Why not 12?

  • MK Ultra

    This woman is a joke.
    Its also possible that she is very racist.

  • Shadeaux

    Contrary to popular belief, black people do not vote on emotion or party affiliation, and what her stupid ass forgets is that GOD helps those who help themselves. She can tell people how to vote all she wants but her she will be by her lonesome voting for Romney. Because Obama supports gay marriage and abortion, does not outweigh SS, Medicare, Medicaid, or Student Loans. She’s a female preaching, so if she really followed the bible she would have her head covered and her mouth shut… (she should really keep her mouth shut because her body is a temple so she’s going to hell twice).

  • Shadeaux

    Avenger, you really need to shut the fuck up. Romney is asking your dumbass to trust him, and YOU ARE.., so you are not the voice of reason yourself. You don’t even know what his platform is because he doesn’t know yet. Talking about LOTTO! Are you referencing yourself?

  • Dumdum

    OH YEA, GOD TOUCHED ME IN MY SPECIAL PLACE. Then I thought this is kinda creepy. Who is this old man touching me now?

  • Aidan8

    “…vote God’s values” LOL

  • Aidan8

    @Avenger: Why do you (and many conservatives on this site) assume that every gay person who supports Obama is doing so based upon one criterion? I’m a progressive/liberal and have a number of criticisms of Obama, yet my decision to vote for one candidate or another is not based solely on the marriage-equality issue.

  • 2eo

    @Aidan8: Avenger is an account that belongs to a right wing group based in the Carolina’s whose sole job is to troll LGBT sites and pro Obama blogs. Same as BJmcfriskey and a couple of others here.

    They used to post in Usenet but a load of them were caught with raping kid pictures, sadly it wasn’t a set up but they’re actually paedophiles.

    One of them had a very unfortunate accident a few nights ago that I know nothing about at all.

  • Fitz

    Yes, Avenger is a baiting troll– but they can’t even do THAT right.
    1) I don’t know any gay person who is voting for Obama based only on his new stance
    on gay marriage. In fact, it’s a NEW stance.. and most gay people voted for him in 2008 based upon all the other righteous stances and history of accomplishment that he brings.
    2) In fact, Justice and fairness is a ONE issue litmus test. Weather it’s social justice, economic, military, environment, — fair is fair. It’s unlikely that someone could be a meaningful advocate for one kind of justice without embracing them all. That’s why we have evil groups like GOP Proud, the Quisling think tank of “I got mine’s” who happen to like cock, but have nothing else in common with us.

  • Eric Auerbach

    If this is a religion thing, then she should be wary of Mitt Romney. Has she read the Book of Mormon? It’s one of the most wildly racist books in the world.

    Also: How sad that a dumb bitch like Alveda King gets to traffic in her uncle’s name. She probably thinks her views are worthwhile just because she’s related to MLK.

  • Eric Auerbach

    If this is a religion thing, then she should be wary of Mitt Romney. Has she read the Book of Mormon? It’s one of the most wildly ra/cist books in the world.

    Also: How sad that a dumb bitch like Alveda King gets to traffic in her uncle’s name. She probably thinks her views are worthwhile just because she’s related to MLK.

  • Mutie

    If one is a 1-issue voter (and what’s wrong with that if it’s a matter of one’s civil rights), then even more important than the Democrat Party’s support of gay people is the Republican Party’s irrational hostility to gay people. Republican activism to amend constitutions both at the Federal and State level to disenfranchise gay folk is plenty reason to vote the other party.

  • Mutie

    So let me get this straight (or gay.. or bi.. or whatever)…

    God Said is advocating that people vote God’s Values by voting for the Republican candidate. Do they know what the Mormons believe to be God’s Values? For example, that there is a book that is of equal authority to the Bible? The Book of Mormon preaches a kind of polytheism in that all souls and spirits can become as great as God? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Momonism. In fact, this is kind of a nice vision, but is it theologically compatible with what God Said is advocating?

    This in contrast to the other candidate that regularly attends an Episcopal Church?

    I’m just saying that God Said’s recommendation is not logically consistent with their values. Unless, of course, their values aren’t really religious but political.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Mutie: Actually, there are *three* books of equal authority to the Bible. And one of them can be amended whenever the president of the Mormon Church feels like it.

  • LandStander

    I do not understand why (many) African Americans stick with Christianity anyway. I mean white people took them from their country to enslave them, and fed them this Christian bible bull shit to justify their slavery, and make them more “civilized”. Don’t they care about -real- African culture, before the white people brought Christianity to them?

    And they STILL buy it! Just like when I meet a Native American who is Christian, I just think wow… They tried to “civilize” you and make you good, white christian people, and you just ate it up and do not even realize it…After all the horrible things we did to them, now they believe in Jesus lol.

  • hyperkind

    This is what we call ‘sensationalized crap’. This isn’t really a story. What do I mean? I am sorry, but given even the statements made here, there would be NO REASON the majority of African Americans, or even more that 6%, would vote for Mitt Romney. Continual polling of African Americans throughout various states have shown his support among Black people HAS NOT DROPPED.

    This is a case of some very loud religious leaders blowing scented smoke up our collective rear ends. If the niece of MLK doesn’t vote Democrat….well…let’s put it this way, no matter what she’s spewing, it’s a threat, and it ain’t gonna happen. Period. All the data supports it.

  • Dumdum

    YEA RIGHT. I grew up with Black Folk. I am white. So white that I burn and peel and get freckles. I have never known people to be more loving. “Come over, have some food.” F**k off and die you stupid asses. We are lucky to have a divers culture in the U.S.A. Warm sweet wonderful people that make life better for everyone. F**K Romney and F**K you.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Dumdum: You “grew up with Black Folk” (nice one, by the way), so that makes you the definitive voice on African Americans? OK …

  • Dumdum

    @Eric Auerbach: Not at all. Eric. I love you dude. You call me on my s**t. But I DID grow up in Richmond California. And I DID live in New Orleans, LA. I wasn’t even there for two days. I lived on Oak St. Off of South Carrollton St. in 1979 and a neighbor brought me a sweet potato pie to welcome me to the neighborhood. We would be nothing without black folk. They are responsible for the evolution of culture in the U.S. and the world. YES. It is music. Spiritual, to blues,to jazz,to rock and roll and beyond. Liberation through music,a shift in the collective consciousness. On so many levels. I wish I could live for a hundred thousand years to see mankind evolve into a race of people committed to living in harmony with one another and this earth. But that is just a pipe dream. I am 52 and I am dying. So you can all just piss off. I have a tumor the size of an egg in my brain, so I get angry and irrational and make mistakes. So call me on my s**t I love it. You are smart and I like to think very good-looking. Peace Bro.

  • balehead

    Women who hate men probably hate gaymen…cue surprise.

  • Samuel

    Queerty needs to stop publishing these blatant lies. How does one obscure black woman’s stance turn into a collective “black religious leaders”.

    Of all the religious groups in the United States, the fact remains that it is black religious leader after leader, Dr. King’s wife, Coretta Kin; Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton; leaders whom the white media despises, who have strongly supported gay rights including same sex marraige. .

    Brings me back to my suspicion about Queerty, Free of a gay agenda except the white one.

  • Dumdum

    @Samuel: Look I am so called White. But I have a mix as most Americans have. I am Russian and French and native American and Swedish and Irish and god forbid English. All that I can claim is northern European with a bit of native American. Holy crap people! I want to protect everyone and everything. I live on this earth with all of the other parasites sucking up everything taking what I need to live, and maybe being smart enough to make my carbon foot print a little smaller. What do YOU give. How do YOU make life better? Would YOU be happy in your house with no TV no computer? Nothing but work and bills and crap to make you tired. Not enough hours in the day to cook and clean and work and make ends meet to get by? Are you pure African? Do you know how they would treat you if you went to your homeland? You need to wake the fu*k up B**CH. I have lost jobs to people of color. And I took it on the chin because I thought hey what ev most folks been treated real bad. You need to suck it up mo fo quit playing the race card and move on. That is some tired ass shit that just don’t play no more. Hell we got an almost black man in the WHITE HOUSE.

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