Blacks Reclaimed the N-Word. Gays Reclaimed the F-Word. Now Latinos Reclaim The W-Word.


That would be “wise.” As in “wise Latina.” After Republican senators tried pretending Sonia Sotomayor’s remark could cost her a U.S. Supreme Court confirmation, a burgeoning market for “Wise Latina” merch is popping up as Latinos claim the phrase as a positive remark, not a pejorative., which let customers create their own branded tees, hoodies, and bags, says it’s moved some 4,500 “Wise Latina” items. (For comparison, Sarah Palin racked up one million units on the site.) “We tend to see the site as a cultural barometer,” says VP Amy Maniatis. “This is the first time we’ve seen an outpouring support for a Supreme Court justice.”

So what’s selling? Shirts with phrases like, “My Mother is a Wise Latina,” ”I’m marrying a wise Latina,” and “I’d rather be a Wise Latina.” Also a hot item: “Wise Latina in training” baby onesies.

We’re gonna go make our own bumper stickers: “Your kid may be on honor role, but mine’s a Wise Latina.”