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Blacks Were Important In D.C.’s Gay Marriage Battle. Well, Yeah

“In DC, blacks were crucial to gay marriage debate,” reads an Associated Press headline. This is not news; this is a statement of fact so obvious that pointing it out also points out, ipso facto, that news coverage is filtered through a white-centric lens. It is like saying white voters are crucial to the Fetal Pain Bill in Nebraska. Well, yeah, because there are a lot of white people there, but you aren’t ever going to see the Associated Press report “In Nebraska, whites were crucial to abortion debate.”

Perhaps the D.C. scenario is somewhat notable because blacks are generally viewed as against gay marriage? There’s actually a more accurate statement: Americans with strong religious affiliations are generally against gay marriage; race is a less determinative factor.

D.C. For Marriage’s Michael Crawford puts it best: “In D.C., outreach to African-Americans wasn’t part of the campaign. It was the campaign.”

This falls so excruciatingly in the “no shit” file, it’s noxious.

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