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Blah Gay Marriage Blah Blah Unhealthy Kids Blah Concerned Women for America Blah

By her own admission, Concerned Women for America’s senior fellow Janice Crouse says “there’s been very little research done, and none of it conclusive, on whether children are okay in a homosexual situation, with homosexual parents.” And yet she concludes in this CBS web interview that without a mommy and a daddy, kids will be “doing poorly in school, dropping out of school, being susceptible to drug and alcohol … truancy, juvenile delinquency, almost every measure that scientists have for calculating children’s well being, they do not do well in other family structures.” So, uh, shut up lady because you are contradicting yourself.

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  • Aaron

    Kids with a mommy and daddy are also susceptible to drugs, alcohol, blah, blah, blah. So the point is???

  • Robert, NYC

    And the majority of single parents today are straight. THere are plenty of single straight parents doing a great job raising a child and many of those children do well in school, they’re not all dropouts or low achievers. Most of those family sexual abuse stories are straight in nature, both parents or one abusing their kids, how does she respond to that I wonder? What a stupid bitch!

  • Stef

    I know more children of straight, “normal” families who have fallen to drugs, gotten knocked up, and not gone to college, than I do children of gay parents.

    Of the 2 families I know that have gay headed households, their children (who I’ve babysat for, ages 7, 13, and 10) are all involved in sports, the one in middle school is on honor roll, and the 10 year old just had her birthday party, where like, 30 kids attended and ate cake and beat the shit out of a pinata. Also, this isn’t even a stereotype, but the kids are dressed SO damn well, because both parents (well, of the 7 and 10 year old, the 13 year old is the other gay headed family) have really, really, reallllllly good jobs. In short, they provide for their kids very well.

    Seems normal, healthy, and okay to me?

  • Cam

    This is the same bullshit that that bigot down in Louisianna tried to use to deny the interacial couple a marriage lisence. His logic was “Oh, i’m not a bigot, but I just worry about how an interacial marriage will effect the children.” This woman needs to have the guts to just say she’s a bigot and doesn’t want gay marriage legalized because she hates gays.

  • chicagotist

    And just like many other rightwingers, who call themselves “Dr.” I haven’t been able to find anywhere on her rightwing pages in which field she has her Ph.D. PRA says its in Communications, which Crouse obviously does not say anywhere. Sure, she has a Ph.D. and can be called a “Dr.” But having talked on TV about sociological research, shouldn’t she disclose to the public that she is not a doctor in sociology, psychology, or medicine?

    Remember the gym professor “Dr.” Laura? It seems that Crouse is doing the same thing.

  • The Bony Man

    Besides the fact that, even if the research did say that children did worse in gay households, basing someone’s parenting skills on generalizations like that is poor logic. It would be far better to base it on actual, individual parenting performance. The sweeping generalizations are almost painful.

  • Robert, NYC

    No. 5, Chicagotist, its quite possible she only has an honorary doctorate or one that she bought online. Either way, the woman hasn’t done the research on parenting. The real problem today of course is the fact that the majority of neglect and bad parenting is found primarily among the heterosexual population. Who is it who gives up babies for adoption or dumps them in doorways of hospitals and other locations? Why, of course its straights! She would be quite surprised if she paid a visit to any inner city public school, NYC in particular and she would see firsthand the progeny of bad straight parenting (many who have a father and a mother) in both the classrooms and hallways. I think she would be at a loss to come up with any rational argument that gays make worse parents considering that the highest teen pregnancy rate of any western nation is found in the U.S. You can bet all of her bigotry stems from religion, most of it does if you look closer. Its at the root of all discrimination of LGBT people.

  • romeo

    Actually, there IS research about children raised in gay households, and it’s just the opposite of what this hag is trying to push.

    I mean, just look at her. What the fuck does she know about anything?

  • SugNight

    With the divorce rate among breeders topping fifty percent, I guess there’s a lot of “doing poorly in school, dropping out of school, being susceptible to drug and alcohol … truancy, juvenile delinquency” going on in straight homes too. This old cow is nothing but a chickenhead.

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