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On this morning’s Meet The Press, Sen. John McCain reminded viewers he’s a liar.

McCain doesn’t have to agree with his own statements made in 2006, because Adm. Mike Mullen was speaking “personally” when he voiced his support for a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal while testifying before the Senate. Personally is different from officially. This we agree.

But the senator is already setting himself up to continue violating his own earlier position.

While the Pentagon engages in this year-long study about the effects of a repeal, McCain says that when it’s all over, he can only consider supporting DADT’s end if he can “trust and believe in” the study and it is “supported by our military leaders”; and only then will he give it the “most serious consideration.”

That’s a loophole so large you could ram a tank through it. Because at the end of this study, if McCain still doesn’t want to back a DADT repeal, he just has to say the review was inadequate. If he’s serious about supporting the review, then he’ll raise any objections about how it’s conducted now, in the immediate, and not when it’s over. But he won’t do that. Not because he’s an inept senator, but because — at least from a position of political advantageousness — he believes DADT to be working.

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  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    This stupidity exists because the president has failed to be the leader he told us he would be. Had President Obama taken the action Candidate Obama promised, on the timeline that Candidate Obama implied, as in the first days of the new administration, DADT would have ended more than a year ago, shown the people he is a leader, and leaving this issue in the dust for the wingnuts.

    Instead, President Obama balls have gone missing, the Republicans smell the fear and weakness, and see that being contrarians to every issue has stymied the Administration to every level on every issue.

    I didn’t contribute to Obama and wait for 2 hours to vote for him because he was the lesser of two evils. Alas, though, that is what has happened.

  • SugNight

    Can someone please put McCain back under the bridge where he belongs? This man brings new meaning to “Bitter, table for one.”

  • soul_erosion

    Hopefully this old fossil won’t be around as an elected official when the “yet another” study is completed, though his primary opponent is even further to the right, tha if elected, would just be another no vote. Why the democrats can’t find a liberal Hispanic in Arizona to run against these jerks is beyond me.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “fossil” good description. Obama is postponing an easy move, blown up and out of proportion to be seen as a difficult move, so that right before it’s time to be reelected, he’ll be able to throw GLBT community a token. I’m not buying it. In fact, it just makes me angrier. Equality should not be a bartering chip. Our votes should not be shaped by oppression. Ted Olson and David Boise have the right idea. Politics is corrupt.

  • Robert, NYC

    What I don’t get is why haven’t the top dogs in the military not held joint sessions with our allies in Europe, Canada, Israel, Australia and elsewhere where we’re allowed to serve openly? What more proof do they need? This is nothing more than delay tactics to appease the rightwingers. Nobody asks McCain how come our allies don’t have a problem with it? As far as I know, there has been no negative impact on morale or cohesion in their militaries. If every gay American service member suddenly withdraw from service (I only wish), you’d see how fast that would impact a far longer withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, putting our troops on the ground at greater risk. McCain would have an extremely difficult time explaining his resistance to repealing DADT when it comes to putting the rest of straight servicemen and womens’ lives in jeopardy at the expense of Lesbian and Gay servicemembers’ sudden withdrawal. The man’s a bigot, nothing more and definitely NO maverick.

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