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Blah John McCain Blah Blah Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Blah Stupid Lying Hypocrites Blah

On this morning’s Meet The Press, Sen. John McCain reminded viewers he’s a liar.

McCain doesn’t have to agree with his own statements made in 2006, because Adm. Mike Mullen was speaking “personally” when he voiced his support for a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal while testifying before the Senate. Personally is different from officially. This we agree.

But the senator is already setting himself up to continue violating his own earlier position.

While the Pentagon engages in this year-long study about the effects of a repeal, McCain says that when it’s all over, he can only consider supporting DADT’s end if he can “trust and believe in” the study and it is “supported by our military leaders”; and only then will he give it the “most serious consideration.”

That’s a loophole so large you could ram a tank through it. Because at the end of this study, if McCain still doesn’t want to back a DADT repeal, he just has to say the review was inadequate. If he’s serious about supporting the review, then he’ll raise any objections about how it’s conducted now, in the immediate, and not when it’s over. But he won’t do that. Not because he’s an inept senator, but because — at least from a position of political advantageousness — he believes DADT to be working.