Blake Hayes’ Air Force Gay Basher Admits Guilt, Stripped of Military Rank

Rather than face a military court martial, Air Force Staff Sgt. Benjamin Ford admitted guilt in the NYC gay bashing of Blake Hayes. In pleading guilty to three counts of assault and battery, Ford has been been stripped of his rank. He wrote apology letters to Hayes and his friends.

On a personal note, kudos to Hayes, who immediately went public with his story, including tales of the NYPD, incredibly, initially dismissing his claims of assault until local politicians (including Christine Quinn) and the media weighed in. We need more folks like Hayes, willing to speak about anti-gay violence, and mount campaigns to ensure it doesn’t go unpunished.

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  • Bob R

    The military routinely discharges heroic and well qualified enlisted, NCO’s and officers for being identified as gay or admitting to being gay. I think they should do the same with admitted or identified gay bashers. At the very least Ford should not be permitted to re-enlist.

  • Cam

    How interesting that the police wouldn’t accept his statement that this was a bashing until he got local politicians to weigh in. That is just sick.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 1 Bob R and @No. 2 Cam

    Yes indeed. The NYPD screwed to pooch on this, AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE. And I guess Law & Order must be nearing its end; I don’t recall a single story where the NYDA washed their hands over a crime committed in NYC against a resident. They always took on the US Attorney and the military, other states and foreign government to prosecute criminals for their crimes committed in NY. Shame on all of them.

    Gay bashing and bullying will continue until such time that the criminals are kept in prison where they belong. Towleroad and Joe.My.God has links to a story about a gay good-samaritan who, while speaking to 911, was harassed and assaulted by the 2 criminals caught abusing another victim. Oh, the 2 criminals? Miami policemen, abusing and beating a handcuffed suspect. Fortunately, the 911 call makes it quite clear what had happened. Unfortunately, Miami police brass are sitting on their hands (though under iternal investigation, the 2 criminal cops are still walking their beats, ready to beat other good samaritans.

    Per Cam’s post, New Yorkers need to press this matter not only through Christine Quinn but directly with the police commissioner, the mayor, and the newly elected DA — OR, expect that the tax dollars gay New Yorkers pay don’t mean squat for the safety and protection of gay citizens.

  • terrwill

    Supposdly this subhuman scumbag was upset because a comment was made about his baldness. When you are as ugly as this troll hair on your oblong head isn’t really gonna make much diffence, kinda like putting crap on a pile of shit……….

    And to previous posts Bob, Cam, and Mike, Exactally. I guess the military goes like this: You are Gay you get your ass tossed, you beat a Gay ass and you get a slap on your ass…………

  • scott ny'er

    @terrwill: I think the dirtbag was upset that Hayes and his friends didn’t take his shit and spoke back at him. Bullies hate being confronted.

    So, I’m going to assume that pleading guilty to three counts of assault and battery and being stripped of his rank it’s a much lighter sentence then being court marshalled, no? Any people with knowledge of how this works.

  • Bob

    As soon as this dies down and there is no longer any scrutiny, Hayes will quietly be “promoted” reinstated to his current rank and shortly thereafter promoted to an even higher rank.

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