Porn Destroys Lives, World!

Blast From The Anti-Gay Past
While gay folk at the New York Times decry a photo director’s alleged homophobia, let’s all take a look at America’s great legacy of anti-gay attitudes in the media. Here famed newsman and Talk Back host George Putnam narrates the anti-porn propaganda video, Perversion for Profit.

The 1965 PSA is nothing less than an emblem of great journalistic integrity, especially when Putnam hits the 4:08 mark and gets into gay rags:

And then we come to a terribly sad indictment of our society, the so-called physique group of publications. These magazines with a homosexual viewpoints and poses are often not understood by many youngsters who take them as instruction of body development, but psychiatrists believe that prolonged exposure of even the normal male adult to this type of publication, though he may not be aware of its true nature, will nevertheless pervert.

Think then of the consequences to the inexperienced youth who in purchasing and studying this material becomes a pawn for these misfits. These homosexuals, who have a slogan that betrays the evil of the breed: “Today’s conquest,” they say, “is tomorrow’s competition.”

Wow, people were saying that in 1965? We feel more connected to our gay forefathers than ever. Thanks, George Putnam!