Coren, Caine Exchange Raises Eyebrows

Blast From The Past: Richard Gere Gay Rumors

Remember when the world thought Richard Gere a gay? Well, the old rumors got some fresh fuel this week when Britain’s Radio 4 paid tribute to late British humorist Alan Coren.

During their reminiscence, the BBC-owned station brought up the following exchange between Coren and actor Michael Caine, who once lived next door to Gere. Via Popbitch:

Coren: So, you must know the answer to the big question, Michael. Is Richard Gere gay?

Caine: I don’t know if he is actually gay, but he would probably help out if they were short handed.

On a related note, our adolescent fantasies have officially reemerged. Hey, Gere, if you feel like helping out a few queers…