A Closeted Actor Keeps His Boyfriend Prisoner, A Bisexual Soap Star Accused Of Rape, And More

This Friday’s Blind Items are brought to you by the letter C for Closet Case.

*Sex Crime

Which teen soap actor in the the UK is on trial for raping another lad?

The actor, then 15, allegedly forced a 14-year-old to perform oral sex on him in London’s Wimbledon Theatre, and later raped him in front of his girlfriend.

The twisted part is the soap star, who hails from Surrey, allegedly committed the heinous act to prove to his girlfriend that he was bisexual.

The whole mess is in court now, with both the victim and defendant’s names being kept confidential—for now.

The alleged perpetrator maintains everything was consensual. [The Independent]

Our verdict: There are easier ways to convince your girlfriend you’re bisexual.

*Silver Linings Gaybook

coffee-mysteryThis A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee has a new male lover. As his custom though, the actor refuses to ever admit that he is gay and instead, kept his boyfriend locked up in a hotel room.

The award-winner ate several times by himself at places while not even allowing his new lover to order room service.

Instead, the actor would bring him back coffee and wraps from Starbucks. Our actor is apparently one of the cruelest guys around when it comes to his partners. Violently so. [Crazy Days and Nights]

Our verdict: Kinky, apparently this actor’s into bondage.

*Sugar Diddy

This A list celebrity/rapper/mogul and sometime reality star is not a huge drinker. At clubs he will drink and he orders a ton of booze, but he is not like Jay-Z who will actually get hammered.

There are times though that our celebrity does. If you are a 18-22 year old gay male interested in older men and lots of presents, this is your chance. Our celebrity uses his drinking as an excuse to take a night off from being a ladies man.

He heads to a club and finds some willing guys and then for the rest of the night they drive around in a party bus while our celebrity enjoys getting wild with the guys with no one to see and is passing out money and presents and booze and seemingly at his happiest. When the party is over he drops them back off at the club and then pretends it all never happened. Just blames it on the booze. [Crazy Days and Nights]

Our verdict: We’d be willing to lie about our age to get some of these alleged gifts.

*Apparently People Still Use Gaydar

Who is ‘bitchforu18?? The celebrity who was prowling around Gaydar chatrooms on Monday, posting such delightful messages as:


bitchforu18: I’m drunk willing

bitchforu18: im an actor

bitchforu18: well known


Our verdict: He finally got bred.

*Keeping Up with the Kloseted Boyfriend

This A list reality star apparently caught her A list celebrity boyfriend in way more than just a lip lock with another guy. It does not seem to have slowed down their relationship at all though. [Crazy Days and Nights]

Our verdict: Calling someone an A-list reality star is an insult no matter how you phrase it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 9.56.27 AM*A Beard in the Hand is Worth A Merkin on the Bush

It was not that long ago that this almost A list mostly television actor was still trying to make it look like he dated women. He liked the impression that he was a ladies man and he got that impression by dating woman after woman. He dated so many women because there was never any third date love if you get my drift.

He would just date them until he could not hide it anymore and then move on.

Meanwhile, women all over the world would follow each of these changes and hope they would be next. He finally has settled down. Of course the person he settled down with has never actually even pretended to date a guy and everyone was fairly certain she would just come out. She is a B list actress. Mostly movies. I think I am being generous in giving her a B. She might be closer to a C.

The couple claims they fell in love and can’t be separated from each other. Well, she has a girlfriend so there must be some separation sometime. He is not currently seeing any guys and is extremely hesitant to ever do so except when he is out of the country and in very controlled circumstances. I’m not sure why they decided to go this route. It is confusing, especially on her part because she was so close to coming out. Publicity? That could be. Her old girlfriend knew a lot about publicity. [Crazy Days and Nights]

Our verdict: Sounds like a match made in a very specific circle of hell.

*BrotherlE! Love

People are sad over this attractive couple’s split. Let’s clarify a few things about their relationship. First of all, they were never a real couple. However, they really were friends with one another. Secondly, the arrangement worked so well over time, that they actually thought about making it more permanent. Thirdly, they broke up very suddenly, but it was not because of a conflict between the man and the woman. The real conflict was between the man and the woman’s brother. That’s right! The guy didn’t really break up with her. He was actually breaking up with her brother! She was just a casualty of the fallout. Why did they break up? One guy heard that the other betrayed him (we don’t know if  it was true or not). The breakup followed very quickly after that. It was very sudden and very ugly. Finally, all three in this relationship are adults and are professionals in the industry, so we think that there is a zero out of ten chance that any details of their relationship or their breakup will ever be made public. [Blind Gossip]

Our verdict: A sham? wow! Secrets, out.

So, dear readers, who do you think is hiding behind these closet doors?