BLINDSIDED: Democrats Demote Sen. Arlen Specter to Junior Status

With 29 years in the U.S. Senate, Arlen Specter has racked up not only a reputation, but plenty of seniority. But he just jumped parties, leaving the Republicans to what he thought were the open arms of Democrats. President Obama even said, “I have told him he will have my full support in a Democratic primary.” In making the switch, Specter says he was promised his top level positions would be kept. Except: Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid said no such promise was made, and the Dems have stripped Specter of his senior posts. Not only is it a personal blow, but it’s also a political one: Specter jumped to the Democratic party to save his senate seat during the next election and planned to make the case to voters they should keep him in office because his seniority was good for them.