Blog Spotlight: It Aint William


What does an actor do when they move to NYC to make it and absolutely nothing happens? They pick up their Prada and move to Los Angeles of course! Willam Belli did just that, however it was not until he started doing drag that his career took off. Next week Willam will be featured on the cult series Nip/Tuck where he promises “hot tranny love and a beatdown.” Our TiVo is already set.

Willam also has a blog we recommend checking out. Having appeared on shows ranging from The Shield to Sex and the City to Eve, this tranny has done enough small parts and is set for the big time. Willam tells us “one day, I hope to live la vida Lohan and appear on these wonderful sites like Queerty with all y’all discussing what a hot mess I am. It’s all about goals, kids.”

For someone who claims “I don’t wait tables, I’m not a hooker, and I don’t do extra work. The only reason I’m successful as an actor is poor doesn’t agree with my sensibilities (like dairy). Seriously…I’d rather eat pussy than Ramen noodles,” we hope a starring role is just around the corner.

And for the record. We’d eat the Ramen.