Blog Spotlight: Shades Of Gray

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray is a new weblog that launched over the summer and is written by a guy named Ethan. Ethan’s blog is not snarky pop culture comments, nor is it a round up of gay news. It is a gay man’s journal and it focuses on love, relationships, and sex. Things we know a fair share about.

Our favorite posts include Ethan’s story of his near sexual encounter with Mr. Rickey Martin and his recent acquisition of the key to the apartment of the guy he is dating. That same guy is the subject of the most recent entry, one of saying “I love you’ at the most inappropriate time.

Recounting the story of saying ‘I love you’ on a circuit party dance floor could make for comedic fodder. But Shades of Gray is no typical party boy. There is a soul and voice and an honesty we absolutely love. Even if he still attends circuit parties.