Blog Spotlight: Vividblurry


Toby over at Vividblurry has finally launched his redesigned site and while we are happy to have him back we are still unsure about the new design. Perhaps the black will grow on us, but pink was definitely his color. Meet him in person and you’d agree. Big sissy.

Those unfamiliar with Vividblurry, be warned. His writings are an acquired taste, a la Rocco and not for everyone. But those brave enough to keep up with him (and ignore the idiots in his comments) will find a smart and funny young man with acerbic wit. His observations on life can bring you to tears. Mostly from laughter.

We’ve watched the body-obsessed, smart-ass grow up for the past few years. Sometimes we’ve wanted to smack him. Mostly we’ve wanted to laugh with him. Here’s hoping his recent settling down doesn’t soften that razor tongue. We like him happy and all, but we love him vicious and sarcastic all the same.