UPDATE: Blogger Embarrasses Newspaper into Removing “Fag” Art

Somehow, Good As You‘s Jeremy Hooper is a mastermind at tracking down the source of clipart, and the results are often intruging. In the past, he’s figured out where NOM gets its stock footage of smiling heterosexuals; and today he noted that the New York Daily News was featuring a graphic from ChristArt.com with some unfortunate tags.

Specifically: “sodomy, homo, fag.”

Christart.com, in case you’re not familiar, is a stockpile of “Christian clipart.” And also, apparently, anti-gay slurs. None of their imagery is gay-affirming, although for some reason they do have an anti-gay caption on a cartoon of two mosquitoes getting married. We must’ve missed the chapter of the Bible about the sanctity of insect marriage.

In any case, the New York Daily News used the “fag” image to illustrate a story about anti-gay conservatives. Jeremy Hooper called them out on it, and to their credit, they quickly replaced it. With a photo of two men on a wedding cake. Oh, groan.

UPDATE: Here’s a screen shot of the “fag” and “homo” tags, since one commenter claims that they do not exist.


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  • Tanner Vale

    Does that clip art suggest that straight people are parasites?

  • David Gervais

    Or bloodsuckers? Female mosquitoes need the iron in mammal blood in order to lay their eggs.

  • Kev C

    The clipart suggests that women have smaller butts and larger phallic noses than men .. unless ..

  • SearchCz

    ChristArt.com removed the “sodomy,homo,fag” tags from this image … but there are still 2 others on their site with the same unfortunate tags.

  • dvlaries

    Speaking of cartoons, will “The Regulars” be back…?

  • ChristArt.com

    I own ChristArt.com
    There are more direct images against the homosexual lifestyle on our site. The mosquito is a fun one. Nope, never had a “homo” or “fag” tags. That’s just hate speech.

    Homosexuality is a choice and a self-destructive lifestyle. On the other hand fornication (sex before marriage) and adultery (cheating on your spouse) are equally self-destructive.

    By the way, the mosquito clip art is also against divorce (“for life”).

  • matt baume

    Hi ChristArt.com owner. Thanks for commenting. You mentioned the “homosexual lifestyle” in your comment. Could you describe what the “homosexual lifestyle” entails? I think we’d all enjoy hearing your ideas.

    Also, I’ve updated the post to include a screen shot of your “homo” and “fag” tags, which still exist on the site.

  • RomanHans

    I think we’ve learned something here: there appears to be a correlation between right-wing fundamentalism and stupidity.

    > Nope, never had a “homo” or “fag” tags.
    > That’s just hate speech.

    Well, we agree on the second part. As for the first part, well, the “homo” and “fag” tags are STILL THERE. (http://www.christart.com/clipart/art_info/263/) Dude removed them from the mosquito cartoon, but apparently his tiny brain didn’t think to search the site.

  • Alfonzo


    Here’s a little secret about us “sodomites” as you like to call us (how you like to be referred vaganite?), we’re pretty good at using the internet and new technologies. This is how we beat people like you to getting correct information out to masses.

  • Jeffree

    Great research!

    The Bible has some mighty choice things to say about lying, so the fibber from ChristArt will not be Raptured next week and will be forced to be Left Behind with us Sodomites and Divorcés and Adulteresses and Heathens.

  • ChristArt.com

    Sorry, you’re right those tags were on the site. When I first checked for them I was looking at the mosquito art. They don’t appear with that image. So, I found them today on another image. I’ll accept that the words are divisive, harsh and unChristian. I have removed those tags. I made that image years ago. Zeal can turned right on itself if it’s unchecked. Hopefully, I am more tactful now. As for the images, they stay.
    Homosexuality is a choice and the gay movement is very intolerant and indoctrinating. I will step forward with equal confidence.

    – They get their agenda forward with shout down methods and ridicule. I don’t hear the issue approached from a sit down or intellectual angle

    – Homosexuality is being taught as a valid lifestyle to elementary children. That’s indoctrination. Sexual interest and choices are decided much much later.
    – When I used to work for other people it has been my experience that many homosexuals are very flamboyant and open about their sexuality. Yet if I as a heterosexual were half as loud on these things I would be disciplined or dismissed.

    But most importantly homosexuality is immoral and self-destructive.

  • matt baume

    @ChristArt.com: Nope, not a choice! I don’t know why straight people think this is the case. The only choice is whether to accept what you are or lie about it.

    I would very much like to hear more about this “agenda” and “lifestyle” you talk about. Can you describe what the agenda and the lifestyle entail?

    Sorry you don’t hear the issue approached from an intellectual angle. Why don’t you start with the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, that’s pretty intellectual. http://www.nllfs.org/

    When I used to work for other it people it has been my experience that many Christians are very demonstrative and open about their religion.

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