UPDATE: Blogger Embarrasses Newspaper into Removing “Fag” Art

Somehow, Good As You‘s Jeremy Hooper is a mastermind at tracking down the source of clipart, and the results are often intruging. In the past, he’s figured out where NOM gets its stock footage of smiling heterosexuals; and today he noted that the New York Daily News was featuring a graphic from ChristArt.com with some unfortunate tags.

Specifically: “sodomy, homo, fag.”

Christart.com, in case you’re not familiar, is a stockpile of “Christian clipart.” And also, apparently, anti-gay slurs. None of their imagery is gay-affirming, although for some reason they do have an anti-gay caption on a cartoon of two mosquitoes getting married. We must’ve missed the chapter of the Bible about the sanctity of insect marriage.

In any case, the New York Daily News used the “fag” image to illustrate a story about anti-gay conservatives. Jeremy Hooper called them out on it, and to their credit, they quickly replaced it. With a photo of two men on a wedding cake. Oh, groan.

UPDATE: Here’s a screen shot of the “fag” and “homo” tags, since one commenter claims that they do not exist.