Blogging Project Runway

santino's dress

We continue to love this season’s Project Runway. Santino Rice’s dress designed for Nicky Hilton was a hit and we had to say goodbye to Guadalupe. Her dress, basically, sucked ass.

We don’t have the memory like we used to so we’re going to turn you on to a couple other sites that love Project Runway even more. Some of you may remember Rich’s detailed, catty, and oh so funny posts concerning America’s Next Top Model over at Four Four. Well, he promises to do the same for Project Runway. But drats! His DVD drive is busted and won’t be ready until next week.

He suggests in the meantime reading Blogging Project Runway. That site is fine, but lacks the images and bitchiness that we’ve grown to love from Rich. After all, we did fall in love with his site only after he read us for filth. Be sure to check his site out next week for your Project Runway recap fix.

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