Blogs 2005: So Gay!


We refuse to utter that horrible “B” word around here. You know, “blogosphere.” But we were compelled to list some of the gayest things in the world of blogs from 2005. There were many, but these take the big, pink, wedding cake.

5. Towleroad Does Brokeback. We don’t care if anyone tires of Andy Towle’s Brokeback Mountain coverage. We think it is just the reason why blogs kick butt. He has been meticulous in his coverage and we are certain more than one person in the “real” media has used his site as a resource.


4. Logo Does Blogs. Logo, the MTV gay network, actually made television personalities out of gay bloggers this year. Bloggers on TV? We know, a scary thought. But Andy, Perez, the Malcontent, and even our very own Bradford all snagged a spot. Now if we only knew who had the highest ratings.

3. Jossip Does Queerty. We know we already said we were the Coming Out story of the year, but this is our list and we’ll do what we want with it. Yes, we deserve to be on the So Gay! 2005 list of Blogs because, well, because we say so. The Internet got a little gayer this year. We take full responsibility.

2. Yahoo Does Gawker. Yahoo made it clear that it believes in the importance of blogs when it struck a deal this year with Nick Denton’s Gawker Media. The deal sees Gawker content on Yahoo News. A bit short of the Weblogs Inc./AOL merger, it still makes us smile Cheshire smiles. The thought of Gawker’s content appearing on mainstream news channels is hilarious.

And now the #1 gay blog event of the year after the jump.

trent and madge

1. Trent Does Madonna. Talk about arriving. We don’t get jealous. Why would we? But there was one moment this year when we wished we had been standing in someone else’s shoes.

Taking blogging to the highest-level possible, Trent over at Pink is the New Blog, positioned himself as such a pop culture power that even Madge took notice. Yes, someone’s blog got him into Madonna’s presence.

We were happy for Trent. Really. But secretly we all wanted to be him.