BlogWatch 2006: ‘Blow Out’ Must Go

• Whining babies grow up to be Republicans. And babies who scream a lot and wear their mothers’ scarves around their necks grow up to be Queerty editors. Or is that just us? [PAYOR]

• We’ve found our new addiction. Drew’s Next Step is a blog about a gay guy who has come out to his wife. Read Confusion and Confusion, part II. And then for the back-story, read Closet Man, which is all about his issues BEFORE he came out to his wife. We’re exhausted already.

• It says this was the “Best Gay Week Ever,” but really, after reading the post, it seems the week was pretty crap-ass dismal. Interesting read nonetheless. [AfterElton]

• This, however, may be the “Gayest Blog Post Ever.” Anything with Richard Simmons automatically qualifies. [Purple Twinkie]

• Speaking of gay men: Our favorite drag queen Kimora Lee Simmons gets government escorts. She MUST have slept with somebody to get that one. [Wonkette]

• The Blow Out drinking game. Seriously, the worst show on television, but watch it if you must. The game forgets one rule: “Every beat-you-upside-the-head mention of a product placement, take one drink.” You’ll get wasted off that rule alone. [ChipChat]