BlogWatch 2006: Brokeback Remorse Is Over!

jake gyllenhall 1.jpegBrokeback Remorse is done. Until the DVD comes out with deleted sex scenes, it’s time to move on, people. To signal it’s end, we offer one final blog post on the subject, which also made us miss our moms. [Jason’s Room]

• If the contestants on Flavor Of Love joined The Real World, you’d have BET’s College Hill. Watch the clip. [PopMuse]

• The Life Of Chloe: One Week Later. If you don’t know who Chloe is, we can’t help you. [Andy’s Blog]

• Top Model’s “personal style from the gays.” Hysterical. [FourFour]

• A revisit to the Missy Elliott interview. Funny. [Film Experience]

P Diddy wants to know why you are Unforgivable. Please, PLEASE make up something and enter this contest; let us know if you win. In fact, send us your entries, and we’ll give a prize for the “Worst Story Ever.” [Thx Rod 2.0]