BlogWatch 2006: ‘Full Flex’ Fantasies


• We laughed out loud at this. Watch “Full Flex,” a study of unapologetic narcissism. Our favorite moment? When he points at his own back-dimples. It goes on forever, but he’s pretty pleased with himself at the end. [SocialiteLife]

• If you’re not at work–or if you won’t get fired–look here. So, so not safe for work. And watch it alone, so no one will see your jaw drop. [WOW]

• Drag Queen to PETA: “Kiss my ass.” A.k.a., the “Gayest Blog Post Ever.” [itaintwilliam]

• Maven and Alexis Arquette: will they go all the way? If you can’t handle the show, just put your TV on mute and watch Maven walk around nekkid, it’s totally hot. [Rod 2.0]

Wilmer Valderrama, of Party Monster and That 70’s Show fame, is well hung. And from the looks of it, he’s a creep. [CityRag]

• All major networks nix new pro-gay “Ejector Seat” commercial by United Church Of Christ. Not only do they make pro-gay commercials, but they generate interest by getting censored, Madonna-style. Now THAT is some savvy queer marketing. [TheMalcontent]

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