Blondie’s Hall Of Fame Smack-Down

debbie harry Rock supergroup (and old-school gay fave) Blondie was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame yesterday, and we couldn’t be more pleased to see them recognized for their brilliance. Every time we hear “Heart Of Glass,” we’re brought back to our beloved skating parties, as we bopped along to the infectuous beat.

But we’re biting our fingernails in an anxiety fit over all the drama at the ceremony.

At the Hall Of Fame induction, various Blondie members erupted into argument on-stage over who got to perform; front-woman Debbie Harry insisted three former band members–Frank Infante, Nigel Harrison, and Gary Valentine–weren’t allowed to play, due to feuds that stretch back for years. The three shunned musicians jumped up on stage and literally begged for the chance to play; Debbie Harry shrugged them off, saying “Can’t you see my band is up there?” Snap.

For all you kids wearing the “CBGB OMFUG” shirts you bought at the mall, with no idea what they mean: Blondie was a pillar of New York’s CBGB underground music scene in the late 70’s and early 80’s, sliding in and out of the punk, rock, and new wave genres with hits like “Heart Of Glass” and “Call Me.” Citing “artistic differences,” as well as failing health of guitarist Chris Stein, they broke up in 1982; but they reunited in 1999, and are rumored to be planning a 40-city tour this May through the US. Fingers crossed.

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