“Blood Brothers.”

The hits just keep coming from Christopher Ciccone’s tell-all book on his pop star sister, Madonna. A fresh round of gossip blips include this curdling detail: “Madonna’s first husband, Sean Penn, once cornered Ciccone, pulled out a jackknife and insisted, ‘Let’s be blood brothers,’ then sliced open both their thumbs to seal the deal. Years later, Penn approached the openly gay Ciccone, mentioned the ritual and asked, ‘You don’t have AIDS, do you?’” Meanwhile, Madonna’s “estranged” hubby Guy Ritchie’s alleged homophobia again gets special mention: “Guy Ritchie is a homophobe whose heterosexuality ‘swells noticeably’ in the presence of gay men.” Kinky! [NY Post]

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  • PhoenixRisingNYC

    I think it’s quite funny that Ciccone claims that Guy Ritchie is a homophobe who’s “heterosexuality ’swells noticeably’ in the presence of gay men.” considering two things:

    1) He’s married to Madonna.

    2) It’s been long rumored that Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham have been involved (or were involved)in a homosexual relationship on the d/l.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ritchie was a closeted bisexual. I mean, his wife is obviously bi herself, maybe they have an agreement where they’re allowed to fool around with other people, just as long as their people of the same sex. I can’t imagine that Madonna would marry someone who’s so obviously a homophobe considering she surrounds herself with the gays. I know tons of bi or closeted guys who act overly masculine in the presence of gay men (they “butch it up” as I like to call it) so as to keep their secret. Maybe Guy Ritchie does the same thing, specifically around the gay brother of his wife.

  • parisinla

    Damn pheonix stealin my joke.

  • Dilroy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Guy was at least a slight homophobe though I suspect he’s been accused of such mostly due to his non-PC humor and outlook on life. I’m certainly not convinced he’s not by the suggestion that he is yet another hot star whose deep in the closet. It’s exceptionally boring when there’s absolutely no evidence of it beyond, “well I know some gay friends who swear they met someone in a west hollywood bar who swears they know a guy who is having an affair with (insert names like Tom Cruise, Travolta, Beckham, etc. anyone hot straight actor you wish you could sleep with.)”

    This is as far a stretch as the Issiah Washington defense that, “He can’t be a homophobe; he played a crossdresser in a movie once.”

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